Vote 4 ET - ഇ. ടി.ക്ക് ഒരു വോട്ട് (Unofficial Club for IUML and ET Supporters)

Started a Facebook page for Supporting ET Muhammed Basheer MP and His Party (IUML) by publishing online posters. This page is not by ET Muhammed Basheer Sahib - Member of Parliament from Ponnani and National Secretary for Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). This page say its only a club of IUML Supporters and managing by IUML Supporters.  

The people of Ponnani (Sitting Constituency of ET Mohammed Basheer MP ) likes and expecting he should be a good candidate for Kerala UDF(United Democratic Front) and IUML in Ladder sign. ET Muhammed Basheer MP was the former Educational Minister for Kerala and Contributed more institutions to Kerala Education as MLA, MP and Minister.

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